For my Final Major Project I was looking as so called pseudoscience. For a while during the exploratory stages I was looking at Palmistry. This art has always intrigued me, there’s something mysterious and magical about it. Friends have given me mixed reviews about their experiences, with some saying that they have had incredibly accurate readings to those who complained of feeling scammed.

Whether it is factual or not, I love the imagery and symbolism associated with this practice. To really capture this I created a series of screen prints using different techniques and colours. I also made a case of my hand for the cause so watch this space…


Throwback Thursday: The Work Wall

So I decided that it would be a good idea to brighten up my room by putting up some drawings, with the hope that I would be motivated to draw some more. These drawings are still not done and although I do think that dome work is meant to remain uncompleted, I endeavour to actually finish them!

On a side note I’m glad that I don’t need to remember all those amino acids anymore… Also shout out to my plant food photobombing in the corner, plants are still going strong.


Throwback Thursday: Blonde Ambition

I went through a phase a while ago trying out my coloured pencils and decided to practise blonde hair. I find it really difficult and I usually end up going too dark, but after practising for what feels like the millionth time, I’m feeling much more confident now.

Drawing Challenge: Self Portrait


What better way to get back into the flow of creating than with a drawing challenge? I’ll admit, this probably isn’t the best project to embark on when I’m wading through university course work but I have been known to at least procrastinate usefully so here goes.

Did a quick doodle for Day 1 which was a self portrait. Seems harmless enough, but as others who have attempted to create self portraits will agree, it’s not that straightforward. I’ll admit, it’s still easier than drawing other people you know, in that case you’re worried about being too derogatory in their eyes but with self portraits you run the risk of drawing what you want to look like or think you look like as oppose to reality… but I suppose that would still be an accurate “self” portrait? (Artistic symbolism will be the death of me).

I’m trying out a new illustration style and moving away from manga so I can do my own thing. I’m pretty happy with what I’ve done but I definitely need to work on drawing hair. And shading, all of the shading.




Freckles Appreciation Portrait

So my resolutions have started waning, but I have been doing some more drawing! I’ve started carrying a small sketch book around in case I get bored feel creative while I’m at uni, which has made a big difference!

Here’s a quick sketch that I started the other day between lectures. I love designing characters with little details, in this case freckles! They should really be appreciated more…

I’ve been working on continuity at the moment so will hopefully be able to carry this on and draw a subject with a range of expressions from various angles rather than the same static posture. Not sure who this character is yet, but really happy with how it’s turned out so I’m excited to carry on drawing her!


#1day12pics Photo Challenge

I have been sticking to most of my New Year’s Resolutions so far and have completed the first homework from Emma Davies, A Year With My Camera course. The aim was to take 12 pictures throughout the day- I’ve posted my 5 favourite shots above.

The photographs were taken in the middle of the day at Roseberry Topping which is maintained by the National Trust. My main aims for the photos were to get to grips with manual mode, which meant being able to balance ISO, aperture and shutter speed. It was also amazing using the flash could do for some of the portrait shots- it looked more like natural light rather than those harshly lit family Christmas photos! Pretty pleased with the composition of the first photo too- so lucky to have had clear skies and good weather!

I feel a lot more confident with my Canon EOS 40D using manual mode, I’ll probably explore some more in the near future. I have been tempted to upgrade to a 7D as I have seen some fab offers, but I think I need to get to grips with my current camera first! Beside I’m rather attached to it…

Another resolution of mine was to do more drawings- which I have done, more doodles that drawings mind… Plus I’ve found some old work that I haven’t posted before which ¬†should help me post more regularly and get into the swing!

Happy New Year! Blog Resolutions

Happy New Year! It seemed an apt time to actually start posting on my blog again. I know it has been well neglected but I’m hoping that it will push me to do more drawings this year, nothing flash just some sketchbook doodles trying to develop style and expression. That being said, I’ve been getting back into reading manga so I wouldn’t be surprised if I relapsed back into the style.

I’m sort of just winging it here, to be honest I haven’t really thought of many proper new years resolutions but here are some for my blog:

  1. Actually start posting- this is probably the most important one
  2. Post regularly- and by regularly I mean more than once in a blue moon
  3. If I want to post more I should probably start drawing more (See posts 1 and 2)
  4. Do¬†Emma Davies fab “A Year With My Camera” course this year

Let’s see how long these last.

Notable non-blog related resolutions include:

  1. Get organised with my degree (lol)
  2. Stop looking at my phone as much (unless there are WordPress notifications)
  3. Chill out more and spend more time with people
  4. Keep it real and be positive
  5. Maybe start jounalling again

I did pretty well to keep a lot of my previous resolutions about keeping fit and journalling and just generally being more confident so we’ll see how these go!

BONUS: I didn’t realise that I hadn’t posted the finished version of my work in progress. The picture isn’t the best quality but you get the gist! *Hopefully this will be me smashing my resolutions.