Scientific Drawing

To people who say science and art don’t mix, here is my observational drawing of a squid from a lab on molluscs…


I know the picture isn’t the best quality but I was too excited- these drawings don’t usually go so well for me and it’s a change from portraits…


Femme Fatale

I didn’t realise how much work I had that I hadn’t posted on here! This one is from a while ago when I decided to do the 30 Day Drawing Challenge and failed miserably… Had been listening to Fame on Fire ft Twiggy cover of Black Widow all day and this was the result apparently…

I’ll move on from female portraits and learn to draw hair eventually…┬áVery different from my usual style though so I like it!



#tbt Work In Progress- 1940s Vibes

I started this one while watching Season 1 of Agent Carter (RIP TV Series) and just fell in love with the style of the 1940s. I’m not the best at drawing hair and 1940s styles are so intricate that you really need to work out what each strand is doing and where it’s going. Still not decided on the outfit yet, I must have erased it and redrawn it more times than I can count so any suggestions welcome!



For my Final Major Project I was looking as so called pseudoscience. For a while during the exploratory stages I was looking at Palmistry. This art has always intrigued me, there’s something mysterious and magical about it. Friends have given me mixed reviews about their experiences, with some saying that they have had incredibly accurate readings to those who complained of feeling scammed.

Whether it is factual or not, I love the imagery and symbolism associated with this practice. To really capture this I created a series of screen prints using different techniques and colours. I also made a case of my hand for the cause so watch this space…

Throwback Thursday: The Work Wall

So I decided that it would be a good idea to brighten up my room by putting up some drawings, with the hope that I would be motivated to draw some more. These drawings are still not done and although I do think that dome work is meant to remain uncompleted, I endeavour to actually finish them!

On a side note I’m glad that I don’t need to remember all those amino acids anymore… Also shout out to my plant food photobombing in the corner, plants are still going strong.


Throwback Thursday: Blonde Ambition

I went through a phase a while ago trying out my coloured pencils and decided to practise blonde hair. I find it really difficult and I usually end up going too dark, but after practising for what feels like the millionth time, I’m feeling much more confident now.

Drawing Challenge: Self Portrait


What better way to get back into the flow of creating than with a drawing challenge? I’ll admit, this probably isn’t the best project to embark on when I’m wading through university course work but I have been known to at least procrastinate usefully so here goes.

Did a quick doodle for Day 1 which was a self portrait. Seems harmless enough, but as others who have attempted to create self portraits will agree, it’s not that straightforward. I’ll admit, it’s still easier than drawing other people you know, in that case you’re worried about being too derogatory in their eyes but with self portraits you run the risk of drawing what you want to look like or think you look like as oppose to reality… but I suppose that would still be an accurate “self” portrait? (Artistic symbolism will be the death of me).

I’m trying out a new illustration style and moving away from manga so I can do my own thing. I’m pretty happy with what I’ve done but I definitely need to work on drawing hair. And shading, all of the shading.