#tbt Work In Progress- 1940s Vibes

I started this one while watching Season 1 of Agent Carter (RIP TV Series) and just fell in love with the style of the 1940s. I’m not the best at drawing hair and 1940s styles are so intricate that you really need to work out what each strand is doing and where it’s going. Still not decided on the outfit yet, I must have erased it and redrawn it more times than I can count so any suggestions welcome!




For my Final Major Project I was looking as so called pseudoscience. For a while during the exploratory stages I was looking at Palmistry. This art has always intrigued me, there’s something mysterious and magical about it. Friends have given me mixed reviews about their experiences, with some saying that they have had incredibly accurate readings to those who complained of feeling scammed.

Whether it is factual or not, I love the imagery and symbolism associated with this practice. To really capture this I created a series of screen prints using different techniques and colours. I also made a case of my hand for the cause so watch this space…