Drawing Challenge: Self Portrait


What better way to get back into the flow of creating than with a drawing challenge? I’ll admit, this probably isn’t the best project to embark on when I’m wading through university course work but I have been known to at least procrastinate usefully so here goes.

Did a quick doodle for Day 1 which was a self portrait. Seems harmless enough, but as others who have attempted to create self portraits will agree, it’s not that straightforward. I’ll admit, it’s still easier than drawing other people you know, in that case you’re worried about being too derogatory in their eyes but with self portraits you run the risk of drawing what you want to look like or think you look like as oppose to reality… but I suppose that would still be an accurate “self” portrait? (Artistic symbolism will be the death of me).

I’m trying out a new illustration style and moving away from manga so I can do my own thing. I’m pretty happy with what I’ve done but I definitely need to work on drawing hair. And shading, all of the shading.





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