Happy New Year! Blog Resolutions

Happy New Year! It seemed an apt time to actually start posting on my blog again. I know it has been well neglected but I’m hoping that it will push me to do more drawings this year, nothing flash just some sketchbook doodles trying to develop style and expression. That being said, I’ve been getting back into reading manga so I wouldn’t be surprised if I relapsed back into the style.

I’m sort of just winging it here, to be honest I haven’t really thought of many proper new years resolutions but here are some for my blog:

  1. Actually start posting- this is probably the most important one
  2. Post regularly- and by regularly I mean more than once in a blue moon
  3. If I want to post more I should probably start drawing more (See posts 1 and 2)
  4. Do¬†Emma Davies fab “A Year With My Camera” course this year

Let’s see how long these last.

Notable non-blog related resolutions include:

  1. Get organised with my degree (lol)
  2. Stop looking at my phone as much (unless there are WordPress notifications)
  3. Chill out more and spend more time with people
  4. Keep it real and be positive
  5. Maybe start jounalling again

I did pretty well to keep a lot of my previous resolutions about keeping fit and journalling and just generally being more confident so we’ll see how these go!

BONUS: I didn’t realise that I hadn’t posted the finished version of my work in progress. The picture isn’t the best quality but you get the gist! *Hopefully this will be me smashing my resolutions.



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