New Project!

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So I mentioned in an earlier post that I wasn’t making work as often because of my degree course… well now I am! I’ve managed to customise a selection of mugs with sharpies and nail varnish.

I thought I’d put my creativity to use in order to raise money for a research expedition I’m taking part in to aid marine conservation (it’s not cheap)!

Above are a few photos of the set up from today’s fair in which I was selling these mugs and the cheeky chap underneath actually sold rather well! I’ll probably be taking orders for designs soon (fingers crossed).

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If you have any ideas for creative fundraising ideas/ general crafty DIY projects let me know! As well as any designs you think would work well on a mug!


3 Years and Still Going

I can’t believe that this was the first piece of work I posted on my blog, doesn’t feel like long at all! Strange going from these kinda of portraits to some of my illustration and collage work now.Black and white tonal pencil drawing on paper

This was a small scale black and white tonal pencil portrait of my friend for my first AS-Level project 3 years ago.


So it’s been a while since I’ve posted, it’s been pretty hard to make new pieces when I’m currently under a mountain of work as a result of my joint sciences degree at university!

Will do my best to add new work/ upload any new work that I randomly find while clearing out my room (good times). I’ve got a few cool pieces from my foundation year to add, featuring a blue cast of my hand! (Two of the fingers have broken off and I am heartbroken but nothing superglue can’t fix!)12043089_10207012102693533_5477289043538660193_n

For now though please bear with me (and enjoy this photograph of a microscopy I took last week)! If anyone has any tips on creating art in limited time/ feeling more creative please comment below!