Zine Work

Zine 2

So recently some of my print work featured in a Zine created by some friends from my Foundation Year and other North East based artists. The work was a collaboration between young aspiring artists exploring print in the form of illustrative, sculptural and performance pieces. There were 2 zines in total and I featured in the second version. The theme of these zines was literally an exploration of print so I decided to create work looking at layers, shape and colour. Other themes included the concept of print as well as the machines and methods themselves. All the prints were to be risographs so at least I was familiar with the printing method.

Zine 1

I decided to use geometry in my work- more specifically triangles and squares- to experiment with layering and colour. Since I was not available during the printing process, I had to create pieces that I knew would work with the machine. As we only had ink drums in 6 colours, I had to be strategic with my layers, thinking about secondary colours I wanted to make in the process.

After a very stressful few weeks there was a launch at Newbridge Books and a few copies were sold! The overall outcome was a joint effort of a group of young North East artists, check out their work below:

If you want to check out any of the artists work, follow the links below:




Some members of the Zine are also part of Clandestine Collective:



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