More doodles and drawing to overcome frustration…

So after a lot of artists block (yes it is a thing) here are a few more doodles of character concepts to get me back into the swing of drawing people. It’s been incredibly frustrating to sit down to draw and not being able to get proportions or basic anatomy right anymore so I’m easing myself back in with portraits. If anyone has any ideas on how to overcome artists block please let me know! I’ll probably be doing a lot more work based on characters at the moment so if anyone actually wants to here about who these people are let me know and I might start including it in posts!

image image


3 thoughts on “More doodles and drawing to overcome frustration…

  1. I totally get artist block!! I have been pretty successful in overcoming it by setting some restraints…pick a medium, or 2-3 colors, or pick an object, pick a part of something I find interesting…eyes seem to get me unstuck every time!!! If I’m still stuck I set the restraints even tighter…a stick of charcoal, or burnt sienna and white…and create! For me artist block happens if I have too many options…taking a course really helps too, because the course sets the restrictions…

    Love your site! Thanks for sharing!


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