Zine Work

Zine 2

So recently some of my print work featured in a Zine created by some friends from my Foundation Year and other North East based artists. The work was a collaboration between young aspiring artists exploring print in the form of illustrative, sculptural and performance pieces. There were 2 zines in total and I featured in the second version. The theme of these zines was literally an exploration of print so I decided to create work looking at layers, shape and colour. Other themes included the concept of print as well as the machines and methods themselves. All the prints were to be risographs so at least I was familiar with the printing method.

Zine 1

I decided to use geometry in my work- more specifically triangles and squares- to experiment with layering and colour. Since I was not available during the printing process, I had to create pieces that I knew would work with the machine. As we only had ink drums in 6 colours, I had to be strategic with my layers, thinking about secondary colours I wanted to make in the process.

After a very stressful few weeks there was a launch at Newbridge Books and a few copies were sold! The overall outcome was a joint effort of a group of young North East artists, check out their work below:

If you want to check out any of the artists work, follow the links below:




Some members of the Zine are also part of Clandestine Collective:



Throwback Thursday- The Elements

So a few days ago I was tidying my room (shocker) and I decided it was time to go through all the things I’d kept from school that I thought I’d need and do a bit of a clear out. The French and maths books were first to go.

Elements Full Length

I ended up finding loads of poster tubes with my GCSE art work in. This piece is one that I can’t believe I forgot about- bearing in mind the amount of hours- let alone blood, sweat and tears- that went into it.

It’s a mixed media piece using chalk pastel and watercolour pencil, I’m not totally sure how tall it actually is, but it’s over 6″2″! This was the time when I did a project on the elements and I was really interested in their personification. My friends and I had always said that we kind of had personalities that fit each element so I had the bright idea of doing a large piece based on that theme.

The amount of reference material I had for this project is insane (you try drawing fire with chalk pastels when you’re 14!). Well the size of this piece was insane anyway bearing in mind by that point the largest scale I’d worked on was A2… This meant it wasn’t very travel friendly so I had to tape it to a table and keep coming back to it, the only table big enough was my mum’s dining room table and I don’t think she was totally thrilled at the time!

I would love to do some more pieces like this, I’ve really missed taking the time to do large detailed pieces, especially when I haven’t done much figurative work recently.

Hopefully I’ll combat this artist block, but if you fancy giving me some inspiration for a piece, comment!

More doodles and drawing to overcome frustration…

So after a lot of artists block (yes it is a thing) here are a few more doodles of character concepts to get me back into the swing of drawing people. It’s been incredibly frustrating to sit down to draw and not being able to get proportions or basic anatomy right anymore so I’m easing myself back in with portraits. If anyone has any ideas on how to overcome artists block please let me know! I’ll probably be doing a lot more work based on characters at the moment so if anyone actually wants to here about who these people are let me know and I might start including it in posts!

image image