Final Piece Prints

I finally managed to find an A3 scanner! Here are the risograph prints from the Final Piece on Pseudoscience!

I was influenced by the collage work of Mexican illustrator Prince Láuder for Vogue Mexico’s horoscope section. I loved his fashion illustration style and his use of mixed media; using paper, ink and digital elements. His use of symbolism was subtle but interesting, incorporating constellations and colour into his work.

For my final piece I have created a series of twelve collages, representing the twelve star signs. I used Parkers’ Astrology Pack as a reference for various aspects and symbols associated with each sign- from birthstones and flowers to countries and appearance. After finishing my initial collages I experimented with the resulting illustrations to create Risograph prints. The playful colours – the result of a limited palette – created bold graphic prints, which I found represented the star-signs better than my original work. Even the act of pulling apart and remaking the collages for printing related to modern horoscopes and how people pick them apart and analyse them to fit their own lives.


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