Final Piece Prep

Thumbnails of the collages used to create my final piece! For my final piece I began by creating a series of collages, one for each star sign. I chose to use magazines to fine models/ famous women as star signs are most commonly associated with horoscopes in magazines. The rest of the collage are a mix of found images that symbolise a part of the personality of each star sign. Everything is meaningful even if it doesn’t initially seem like it!! I then went on to create risograph prints of each collage, this entailed editing the colleges into layers on photoshop and printing the resulting layers in different colours, more on that later.


4 thoughts on “Final Piece Prep

      1. I’m a Scorpio 😊 which is one of my favs! Haha and I would love to see the finished prints 🙂 is there anywhere I can see them? Or are they only in physical form?


      2. Oh great! I have a few Scorpio friends 🙂 it was one of my favourites to make! I will hopefully be uploading the finished prints soon after I’ve uploaded photos of them at my exhibition! Uni is currently holding all my work so I haven’t bewn able to scan them yet 😦 but I’ll be going in in June to collect them! Fingers crossed!

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