Machines of Mass Production


So this week is the final push before our end of year exhibition. My friends and I have been set the mammoth task of creating the exhibition catalogues, not the easiest task when you’re using a temperamental Risograph machine! Over 20,000 pages later and we’re well on our way to completing the 40 page publication, which we aim to produce over 400 copies of… Wish us luck!


5 thoughts on “Machines of Mass Production

    1. We used a Risograph machine which is a bit like a photocopier or printer except it uses screenprint techniques to create the finished pieces πŸ™‚ you have to change the ink drum each time you print in a different colour, our university has 6 different colours so we have to be quite technical if we want to get extra colours like purple!


    1. There’s no reason why you couldn’t! You’d have to scan it into a computer first and edit it in Photoshop so that each colour you wanted was in a different layer but it’s possible! The main print there is actually from a collage I made and there are a couple there that are from photographs people have taken or drawings they have done πŸ™‚


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