Final Piece Prep

Thumbnails of the collages used to create my final piece! For my final piece I began by creating a series of collages, one for each star sign. I chose to use magazines to fine models/ famous women as star signs are most commonly associated with horoscopes in magazines. The rest of the collage are a mix of found images that symbolise a part of the personality of each star sign. Everything is meaningful even if it doesn’t initially seem like it!! I then went on to create risograph prints of each collage, this entailed editing the colleges into layers on photoshop and printing the resulting layers in different colours, more on that later.


Proof that Hard Work Pays Off

So we FINALLY finished our exhibition catalogues within hours of the final show. Watch this space for photos of the exhibition!


Machines of Mass Production


So this week is the final push before our end of year exhibition. My friends and I have been set the mammoth task of creating the exhibition catalogues, not the easiest task when you’re using a temperamental Risograph machine! Over 20,000 pages later and we’re well on our way to completing the 40 page publication, which we aim to produce over 400 copies of… Wish us luck!



It’s been a while since I’ve posted what with deadlines etc, but here is some work in progress! I made a few collages for my pseudoscience project which is currently focussing on astrology and decided to create risoprints from them! Here’s Sagitarius, lots of symbolism here.