Want Something Natural?


As part of my Final Major Project on Pseudoscience, I have chosen to look at a range of subjects including astrology and health & well being.

I don’t know about you, but recently all I’ve seen on social media recently are these “detox diets” that promise to flush your body of toxins to help you lose weight. Frankly this is a load of rubbish and may be worse for your health. Juicing and restricted diets are part of these fads which tend to entail either only drinking fluids or only eating certain “whole foods” over a prolonged period of time, in the hope of ridding your body of life threatening poisons. Don’t get me wrong, over a period of a day or so they can help energy levels and motivation, but much longer than this can actually be dangerous.

The body is equipped to deal with these toxins, the primary roles of the liver and kidneys are to detoxify the blood and regulate fluid levels… and if we really had the amount of toxins in our body that some detox purveyors tell us; we’d be dead. They say the answer is eating natural, which isn’t a bad idea seeing as processed foods contain substances that are not naturally found in nature in such quantities, but not everything that is natural is necessarily good for you: ie snakes and nightshade.

It’s not the idea of detox that annoys me, it’s the lack of scientific evidence.  Yet there’s the constant advertisement and droning on of enthusiasts about a so called “miracle diet” that reminds me of medieval practitioners with their “cure all” potions. It may very well make people feel better, but that is because they have a better diet, not because their body needs to be cleansed.

These simple posters are a tongue-and-cheek representation of detox campaign ads, in which I have tried to interlace some aspects of commercial advertising within the typography and layout.


4 thoughts on “Want Something Natural?

      1. ahh right okay 🙂 i don’t think I’m back in Durham at that time but me and a few ex-foundation students from last year are planning on popping in at Easter to take a look at what’s happening, when do you guys break for easter?


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