Dreamcatcher Study

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Seeing as I’m currently writing the statement of intent for my Final Major Project, I haven’t been able to make much in the way of art recently. However, while doing some general organising of my old memory sticks I found some of these studies I created for my AS-Level Fine Art project. The first image is the original observational drawing, using pencil, and the rest are photomanipulations using basic photoshop techniques.


Game Play Final Piece: Rocky’s Day Out (The Dog and the Dragon)

Final Piece for my final Pathways project: Game Play.

My initial concept was to get my friends to play exquisite corpse, the parlour game created by the Surrealists, and to illustrate the final outcomes. However, I also decided to play Round Robin- a game where different people create sentences to make a story- with groups on Facebook. This final piece is essentially the illustration of my favourite story outcome.

I researched Dexter Dalwood, as my original idea was to draw a cartoon-strip based on the collages I created. In the end, I loved the quirky aesthetics of the collages’ too much to draw from them and instead decided to make them my final piece.

To create these collages I used found images from the internet and collated them using Adobe Photoshop. Other than cutting and pasting there is little editing involved other than some colour changing and shading on a few frames. I wanted to keep the put together collage feel of the images whilst still creating refined works that I could draw from.

They are still obviously cut and paste images as opposed to professional photo manipulations, however I like the almost illustrative feel this brings to the work. It was especially hard working with the fantasy creatures in this series as it is very difficult to find photographs of genies and dragons! Instead I had to use fan art from Pinterest and a bit of imagination. I do not take credit for any of the individual aspects of each image, all source imagery was found online and I do not own any of it. My input was only the copying and pasting of material, and arrangement into the finished final outcome.

Big thanks to Jamie, Jade, Bethany and Katrine who all contributed to the creation of this story, and helped me with this project.