A More Graphic Approach…

At the end of my exploratory phase I dedcided to specialise in viual comunication, with influence from illustration. So far I haven’t used any illustration but here is a more fine art approach to a graphic outcome.

Using recycled images I wanted to create a series, I based this series on my last project on “Creative Destruction” which looked at the subject of Identity (pictures coming soon). I wanted to  see if “destroying” the images and obscuring features took away from the identity or actually brought out the personality of each individual pictured. In a strange way, I think that the images do infact have some ties to the identity of the subject, even though I was experimenting with different ways to “destroy” the images.

Before coming up with this final sequence I tried various destructive techniques on a wide variety of images, including a series of three bleached images which I will upload as a triptych soon. I used bleach, wire, paint, ink, sandpaper, masking tape and even insulating tape to obscure features. In the enc I chose these images as I liked the uniformity of the backgrounds, giving a photobooth like effect, which contrasted with the various unique ways in which the pieces have been destroyed. I also added some coloured cut out pieces to add some fun and colour to the series, which I think gives a nice balance between graphic design and fine art.


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