We Don’t Need New Dreams, Typography work

dont need new dreams

Seeing as the chronology aspect of this blog is current;y no where to be seen, I thought I’d upload some recent work. I created this doodle as part of our Pathways Stage 2: Bauhaus. After the Art and Design trip to Berlin, we had to create a project based on Bauhaus, as well as the journals that we kept while we were in Germany.

Personally, I’m not a huge fan of Bauhaus “function over form” concept as, well, I like “pretty” things. However, I was inspired by some colour techniques taught at the academy, especially the research by Johannes Itten and Josef Albers. I wanted to combine this with the typography works of Eric Gill and Herbert Bayer, pioneers in sans serif typefaces, ultimately shifting type to more modern styles (anyone ever used Gill Sans?).

Having specialised in illustration I wanted to try and incorporate this with the use of colour and text in this project, especially as my journal is full of doodles (mainly of food- currywurst is worth it). The piece here is a little five minute doodle I made using typography and a little illustration. I tired to keep the fonts balanced, using a plain all caps sans serif writing style with my attempt at an elegant script. The quote itself is my response to a quote I saw while at C/O Berlin at the Magnum Contact sheets exhibition:

“Now one needs new dreams and a new, great stacking in the places where the old dreams lie buried in rubble.”

I’m actually really enjoying this work with typography and I hope I can improve. Currently I’m not great with a ruler or measurements as much of my previous work is fine art and paint based, however I am willing persevere! I’m also trying to make some more of these works while including DC character or pop cultures references (subtly!) in order to hold a bit more interest. So far I have Arrow, any more suggestions comment below, I love feedback.


A More Graphic Approach…

At the end of my exploratory phase I dedcided to specialise in viual comunication, with influence from illustration. So far I haven’t used any illustration but here is a more fine art approach to a graphic outcome.

Using recycled images I wanted to create a series, I based this series on my last project on “Creative Destruction” which looked at the subject of Identity (pictures coming soon). I wanted to  see if “destroying” the images and obscuring features took away from the identity or actually brought out the personality of each individual pictured. In a strange way, I think that the images do infact have some ties to the identity of the subject, even though I was experimenting with different ways to “destroy” the images.

Before coming up with this final sequence I tried various destructive techniques on a wide variety of images, including a series of three bleached images which I will upload as a triptych soon. I used bleach, wire, paint, ink, sandpaper, masking tape and even insulating tape to obscure features. In the enc I chose these images as I liked the uniformity of the backgrounds, giving a photobooth like effect, which contrasted with the various unique ways in which the pieces have been destroyed. I also added some coloured cut out pieces to add some fun and colour to the series, which I think gives a nice balance between graphic design and fine art.


My photography page is now uploaded! Check it out to see some new content as well as previously seen images all in one place. New uploads coming soon.