Final Piece Animation

Today I found out how important it is to remember where you saved your work, because I can’t find any of my development work that joins my last post with my final piece! Never the less, I’ve decided to just upload my final piece straight away.

My final piece is influenced by many artists, Tang Chiew Ling and Georgia O’Keeffe to name but two. In order to do this, I paired a stylised face with realistic hair and black and white as well as colourful flowers. I spent 15 hours on the piece all together and I’m pretty happy with it! I turned the piece into an animation as I wanted to show the growth and death in the life cycle of a plant, which I think works nicely with the drawing and erasing in the work. In hindsight I would have probably cut the flowers out and stuck them on top as I had to leave white space for them, but I’m still chuffed to bits with it! Feel free to give me feedback, especially on animation as I have more animated pieces to come!


Working With The Light

Having the right light is critical to having a compelling photograph, but honestly what is the “right” light? When I first started out in photography lighting of the scene was always my downfall. Once I understood the characteristics of light and started practicing under different lighting conditions I started to understand how to work with the light.  I would go out to a location several times and practice shooting the same subjects over and over again just to see the changes that happen under different lighting condition. Eventually, I was able to recognize the quality and the characteristic of the light quickly so that I could employee the best resources to turn my vision into a photograph.

Generally the most desired lighting in a photograph shows three-dimensions because it gives the image depth. However, having depth in an image could sometimes distract from the mood, or an emotional factor in…

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Final Piece Prep


After creating pieces based on flower fairies and flower symbolism I wanted to find a way to incorporate the two; in order to do so I had to take a series of photographs using flowers and portraiture as a starting point. I used these images to create artworks based on Tang Chiew Ling, which I will upload some time in the future!