For Sale

Okay so I’m POSSIBLY thinking of selling some of my art (or at least some prints of them) on a site such as Etsy, just for some extra pocket money. Just wondering if that would be worth while, would anybody be interested? If so what sort of stuff? This is all hypothetical but I’d like to get some ideas so that I could possibly get the ball rolling 🙂 also if anyone has ideas on prices etc that’d be great!


Final Piece: Tonal Pencil GIF

Final Piece: Tonal Pencil GIF

Pretty pleased with this GIF too as I think the frames are largely aligned other than the slight change in lighting. This GIF is a little different to the others as there obviously isn’t any colour but I’m still happy with it!

Final Piece: Watercolour GIF

Final Piece: Watercolour GIF

I’m actually quite proud of this GIF because I managed to line the frames up so it’s pretty much as seamless as the oil painting GIF!

DIY Bokeh Experiments

DIY Bokeh Experiments

Final piece posts will have to go on hold for now, I’m too excited about how well my homemade bokeh filter has worked for my camera! All you need is a circle of card with a shape cut out ( I chose a star) and you can create out of focus “bokeh” effect lights! I still have a long way to go experimentation wise but I’m getting there

Final Piece GIF: Oil Piece

Final Piece GIF: Oil Piece

As part of my final piece I made GIFs of the creative process. I have done this for all of the works I have included in my final piece but I wanted to upload this one separately as I think that this one worked the best!

Final Piece: Oil Piece

Final Piece: Oil Piece

Oil on canvas, approximately A2 dimensions. This is probably my best oil painting so far and is the largest piece of art in my final piece!

Final Piece: Pastel Piece

Final Piece: Pastel Piece

Pastel piece on A3 paper. This is not my strongest pastel work, I think it is partly down to the grade of paper I was using as I began to find welts in the paper and the surface was difficult to use but I think it has turned out well for such a small scale!