Final Piece: Pencil Piece 2

Final Piece: Pencil Piece 2

Second portrait in my Unit 3 final piece series. 211cm x 297cm colour pencil piece. This isn’t my strongest medium but I needed to use 5 different media to create my 5 work final piece and colour pencil works better A4 than paint or pastel.


Final Piece: Pencil Piece 1

Final Piece: Pencil Piece 1

Tonal pencil on 211 x 297 paper. Yes the gingham was difficult, but it was worth it.

Candid Drawing

Candid Drawing

As part of my development work I created a series of candid photographs of my friends as I felt that they displayed more emotion and reality than posed images. I then went on to draw some of these photographs and used tonal pencil to give the drawings a classic effect and to emphasise emotion and motion rather than colour. (I realise everything is the wrong way round now because I’ve already added my observational plant studies but never mind, more to come!)

Back to it

I realise it’s been a while since my last post, but I promise I’m getting back to it! I’ve had a few problems with themes which put me off for a while but I’m trying again!