Ed Ruscha Workshops – Response 1

Ed Ruscha Workshops - Response 1

I’ve just discovered some of the pieces that I made in response to Ed Ruscha. Last year I attended a workshop at the Hatton Gallery where we created photography pieces based on the artist Ed Ruscha. Although his work is varied and ranges from oil paintings to map work, I chose to use his text pieces as my inspiration. This piece is influenced by Ruscha’s blanked out test work. If the boxes were removed on this image the words would read “What a Pretty Little Face”. The photography and text was based on my current art project in which I used text as well as visual media to convey the inner battles and insecurities of individuals. This particular image is a representation of the pressures in society to “look good” and the strict stereotypes that come with it. Self deprivation and lack of confidence are so common these days, and a lot of that is thanks to the media.


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