Sepia Effect Lempicka Response

Sepia Effect Lempicka Response

Tried playing with filters and noise effects on Photoshop, this sis what I have so far.


Lempicka Response (Unedited)- Charleston Style!

Lempicka Response (Unedited)- Charleston Style!

A photo from a series of photographs from my 1920s inspired photo-shoot in response to Tamara de Lempicka pieces. This is a raw and unedited photo but I’ve been working at adding different backgrounds and even painting some of the pieces!

My model actually has waist length hair so the hair took forever! You can find the tutorial I used at:

For the make up used here, this is the tutorial I based this on:

Liquid Light and Scanography

Liquid Light and Scanography

I also used my scanned images to create a piece using my liquid light processes. I scanned in my liquid light image, which I created in the darkroom on watercolour paper, and used various overlays and lighting to create this piece using my scans.

Lyrical Scan 1

Lyrical Scan 1

I know I’ve been away for a while but there have been birthday’s and homework and animals to look after. Have been rather productive during this time though, this is one such piece. This is basically a scan of my hair that I turned blue and overlayed with other hair scans because I thought they looked like waves like the sea, this in turn reminded me of one of my favourite Panic! at the Disco songs!